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Marz is a professional e-sports, sports solution provider and data service provider co-founded by e-sports fanatics, senior e-sports experts and artificial intelligence engineers. It provides the world's leading e-sports data services and product services. We do this data as the Fundamental to our future products and services, to keep delivering innovation to our customers while remaining focused.

Established in 2020, Hainan Marz Technology Co., Ltd. ( Marz) is a leading e-sports sports data service provider in China, focusing on providing stable, timely and comprehensive live scores, game data and source code development and other services to help developers develop, operate and monetize.At the same time, the data application of Marz has been extended to club data analysis, live AI win rate, and video livestream, which comprehensively contributes to the development of e-sports and sports industries.

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Focus on providing stable, timely and comprehensive live scores, game data and source code development services for developers in the e-sports sports industry. Marz, the partner of esports and sports enterprises
Marz data·DATA
Development history
Hainan Marz Technology Co., Ltd. was established with the core team from Tencent and Funplus. The company is headquartered in Haikou, with offices in Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Shenzhen
The company's product, Marz, was officially launched, which is the first domestic product to provide professional and comprehensive data services for developers in the e-sports industry.
Marz Data has built a highly stable and scalable data service architecture, which greatly helps e-sports developers save development and maintenance costs and easily achieve millisecond-level data push.
We upgraded our brand to 'Marz', completed a million-level Series A financing, and expanding our business to five major products: E-Sports data services, Sports data services, E-Sports Community platform C, Sports Event platform C,, E-sports/Sports promote
Marz' Live Data (PRO) version was launched, and the speed has reached the level of on-site delay-free level. The stability, live, and comprehensiveness of the product have also reached the forefront of the world, and the domestic leader
Marz data·DATA
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